Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Important factors of on-page optimization and SEO checklist

optimization and SEO


  • Content should be original and unique
  • Content will reached with reference
  • You have a clear content strategy
  • You have to write the content with related keywords in it's body

URL Optimization

  • Every URL should be unique
  • URL should contain keywords
  • URL words separated with hypan (-) symbol only
  • Make URL short and simple (best use under 100 characters)
  • If you tried location based keyword make sure to add the location in the URL

Page title

  • Page title should be unique and simple
  • It should not be more than 70 characters
  • It should include the keywords

Meta keywords

  • Choose the meta keywords that are most SEO friendly
  • Choose content based keywords
  • Don't go for more than 10 keywords
  • Separate the every meta keyword with cama (,) only

Meta Description

  • The meta description should be unique and simple
  • Don;t go for more than 170 characters
  • The meta description will be shown on the search engine and Google will crawl meta description first

Internal links

  • Internal links will play the main key role on website ranking
  • Pages must have internal links
  • Include your internal links of the content and related post section at the end of each page
  • Internal links use both keyword and non-keyword anchor text

Image Optimization

  • Choose content related images
  • Image title should be the title of the content
  • Must use the ALT tags for image optimization

Website Speed

  • Website should score more than 90% when checked by Google page speed insights
  • Google Authorship is implemented for each and every post/page available on the website

Sitemap generation

  • Generate the sitemap in xml format. It will help the search engine while crawling the website
  • Generate the sitemap in xml and html both

If you go with these steps you will top on the search engine with your related and competitive keyword.

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